Kompetensi Pendidikan Dokter

Pada tanggal 21-22 September 2002 di hotel Sahid Surabaya diadakan Musyawarah Nasional BKSKMKPKKFKI, dalam Musyawarah Nasional tersebut dicapai keputusan untuk menetapkan bahwa pendidikan dokter di Indonesia mengacu pada konsep WHO, Geneva, 1996: Doctors for Health. A WHO Global Strategy for changing medical education and medical practice for health for all, the five star Doctor:

1. Care Provider

who considers the patient holistically as an individual and as integral part of family and the  community and provides high quality, comprehensive, continuous and personalized care within a long term relationship based on trust,

2. Decision maker

who chooses which technologies to apply ethically and cost effectively, while enhancing the care he or she provides,

3. Communicator

who is able to promote healthy lifestyle by effective explanation and advocacy, thereby empowering individuals and groups to enhance and protect their health,

4. Community leader

who, having won the trust of the people among whom he or she works, can reconcile individual and community health requirements  and initiate action on behalf of the community,

5. Manager

who can work harmoniously with individuals and organizations inside and outside the health care system to meet the needs of patients and communities, making appropriate use of available health data,

Dalam Musyawarah Nasional tersebut ditambahkan kompetensi tambahan, yaitu:

6. Scientist

who can develop his or her professional competence to the advancement of the medical and health science and technology

27 Mei 2013


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